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Testimonial - Garden Room For Teenagers...

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Garden Rooms Southwest was approached by Mr Bayton who was looking to build a garden room for his children to use. Space within their home had felt more restricted since the children had grown and a garden room building was the best solution for the family.

Having looked at Summer Houses, the family felt they required a more substantial garden building. The teenager/kids garden room needed to be ECO friendly with high thermal performance to ensure that it would be able an enjoyable space to use all year round.

Our ECO custom insulated garden rooms made from SIP's - structurally insulated panels, were the perfect solution. Built bespoke to the customer's measurements and requirements.

What are SIP's?

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP's) are manufactured using facings of OSB (oriented stranded board) with a filling of PUR (polyurethane) insulation. SIPs structural panels are labour & material-saving alternatives to traditional timber frame or masonry construction buildings. The insulation used in SIP panels is continuous and is not bridged by timber studs.

Structural Insulated Panels are manufactured off-site and delivered as an instant and build ready to construct onsite.

Garden Rooms Souths SIP's, offer the highest levels of Thermal Performance of any readily available, off-site manufactured building material.

Learn more about SIP's on our website

My Bayton - Testimonial

"As my kids were getting older and needing more and more space, I spoke to Grant at Garden Rooms Southwest about potential solutions.

I’d done a little research on garden buildings but was worried about how warm they’d be in the winter months, with suggestions of underfloor heating coming up and putting me off slightly.

However, after speaking to Grant, he found a solution to my problem telling me it would be “the warmest room in the house”. Which I can say it definitely is, with the help of a small electric radiator.

The quality of the building is amazing. The kids and I spend so much time in there all year round. Especially my eldest. The work was carried out as and when it was agreed, to a very high standard.

We are incredibly happy with the space created by Grant and the Project Centre. A great investment that my family and I will continue to enjoy year after year."

Double glazed UPVC windows to the clients specification.

Secure composite front door with stable opening design.

Laminated flooring

Integrated blinds

Full electric's throughout.

Integral lighting

Cladding Options

Examples of external cladding that can be used include, Timber, Composite and Metal


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